Medit i700 – Intraoralscanner

Intraoral scanner Medit i700 impresses the dentist and the patient

The Medit i700 is an innovative intraoral scanner at a sensationally affordable price.
You can use it to get all of the advantages of digital impressions – in comfort and without complication.

Digital impressions at a sensationally affordable price –
with the intraoral scanner Medit i700

Going digital in your practice has many faces. With the intraoral scanner Medit i700 you are setting standards in using digital impressions and are taking the next step in modern patient care.

Numerous studies confirm that there is no longer any question that a modern dental practice should be using an intraoral scanner. The question is how easily can digital impressions be introduced into the practice’s policies. With the Medit i700 we have the answer.

Convenience, cost-effectiveness, accuracy, efficiency – arguments for investing in an intraoral scanner. We can introduce you to the system and show you live how easy it is to operate and integrate it into your daily practice. Talk to us!

Five reasons for using the intraoral scanner

  • Precision: there is no need for repeat impressions.
  • Patient comfort: quicker and gentler treatment.
  • Save costs: no impression materials, digital forwarding.
  • Save time: more treatments are possible.
  • Easy and attractive: winner of the Red Dot Design Award.

Your digital workflow with the intraoral scanner

  1. Scanning: high-precision, digital impressions in your practice
  2. Data transfer: sending the digital data to your laboratory
  3. Design: further data processing by your laboratory
  4. Production: manufacturing the model and milling unit
  5. Finalising: aesthetic fine-tuning in your laboratory
  6. Shipping: delivery of the finished dentures to the practice
digital workflow intraoral scanner

Benefits of the Medit i700 intraoral scanner

Return on investment

Whether as the initial solution to digital dentistry or as the next step – with the intraoral scanner Medit i700 you can count on a quick ROI. Shorter treatment times, a higher level of patient comfort, simplified workflow, prosthetic care and orthodontic solutions, … it’s worth it.

Patient-friendly scanning tip

The narrow scanning tip makes the treatment more pleasant for your patients and easier for you. Maximum hygiene is guaranteed by autoclavability.

Excellent file sharing

the Medit i700 makes flexible, digital teamwork with the laboratory of your choice possible for you. The open STL data output is the ideal, standardised interface to your CAD software. This means that transfering data by email, cloud or any other system could not be easier.

Extremely high resolution

A detailed and realistic image of the oral cavity using 3D In Motion video technology.

Individual die precision: 8.82 ± 0.69 µm**

Complete jaw precision: 22.1 ± 1.47 µm**

Impressively quick

The high-resolution dual-camera technology with blue light LED projection means you can perform stable scans in a very short time. With a bit of practice you can scan jaws in 120 seconds.

High precision for single teeth

Accuracy = 4.2 µm (±0.49 µm)

Precision (consistency) = 2.1 µm (±0.58 µm)

Complete arch: <50 µm

Smooth videos

Quick scanning with large amounts of data leads to high-performance video playback. The video images produced by the double camera are detailed and steady.

Comfortable and easy to operate

The Medit i700 is controlled using a single button. You start and finish the scan just using the handset. Press the button, the scan begins – let it go, the scanning process stops. Once a scanning phase has finished, just press the button to start the next phase again.

Powder-free treatment

The Medit i700 does not generally need powder to be used. This makes the scanning process easier for you and even more pleasant for your patients.

Natural colours

Vivid colour scans using 3D full-colour streaming mean you can distinguish soft tissue, plaque and tooth stumps easily.

Only 245 g – light as a feather

This light and highly-portable scanner means you can work in comfort.

An intraoral scanner, which impresses patients and practices:
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Arrange a personal product demonstration and training in your own local practice

Our product experts are happy to demonstrate the system to you in your own surgery. You will be given an introduction to the basics and how to operate the scanner:

  • Entering patient details, creating an order and sending data digitally to the laboratory of your choice.
  • Creating your first few scans using the model with scanning strategies for scanning opposing jaws, preps and bites.
  • Tips spotting errors, managing soft tissue and detailed information on charging using the dental fee schedule.

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