Terms of use

1. Internet portal for dental products (“Internet portal”)

The internet portal on the dentaltrade-depot.de website is intended for registered customers, in particular dentists and dental laboratories (“customers”) in Germany. Customers can use the internet portal to order dental products (“products”) from dentaltrade GmbH, Germany.
Customers need to log in and register on the internet portal before they are able to place any orders. This is required for orders to be processed quickly and smoothly. Pages related to placing orders are therefore only accessible to registered users of the internet portal who meet the requirements for registration set out in section 4 of this user agreement (“registered users”).

2. Scope of application and subject matter of the terms of use

  • These terms of use apply to all users of the internet portal. The “General Terms and Conditions of Business of dentaltrade Depot“ (“T+Cs”) apply to orders and deliveries of products.
  • dentaltrade Depot reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time without notice. In such event, notification will be posted on the internet portal, which the user must click on to continue using the internet portal. By clicking on the notification and continuing to use the site, the user consents to the relevant changes to the user agreement.

3. The content and availability of the internet portal, products

  • The content provided on this website is of a general nature. It is no substitute for medical or dental care and it is not intended to be medical or dental care. In particular, no dental advice or other medical advice will be provided here. Users who have or believe they have a medical problem, a dental problem or any other health issue should seek the advice of specialist medical staff.
  • dentaltrade Depot is entitled to modify, expand or remove any or all areas of the internet portal at its sole discretion.
  • dentaltrade Depot will make every reasonable effort to make up-to-date and relevant content available on this internet portal; however it does not give any warranty or guarantee – neither explicitly nor implicitly – that the content will be available continuously, or that it will be correct or accurate, up-to-date or complete and accepts no liability for any damage or detriment which results from accessing or being unable to access information on this internet portal.
  • The internet portal can only be used within the current state of the art. Technical disruptions to the power supply and/or data transmission network, hardware/software faults, capacity bottlenecks, interruptions due to safety or maintenance may affect the ability to use the service. No guarantee is provided that the whole of the internet portal is fully operational.
  • Not every product included on this internet portal is approved for sale in every country in which the information is accessible. Every product on this internet portal is offered for sale on the express reservation of valid national approval.

4. Registering on the internet portal

  • Only legal entities or natural persons with unlimited legal capacity are permitted to register. The allocated username and password may not be shared with any third parties.
  • To register, users have to complete a registration form. The details requested on this form must be provided by the user correctly and in full. If there are any changes in the requested details after registering, the user agrees to correct these changes immediately or notify us of these.
  • The user must provide the details required for registration truthfully. Users whose information is incomplete or obviously false and also users who create a registration by circumventing the form using technical means may be blocked by dentaltrade Depot.
  • The personal information provided on the registration form may be shared, where this is required to complete the order. The user gives their express consent to their details being shared in this way.
  • After registering, a confirmation email with a password will be sent to the address provided during registration.

5. Copyright, labelling rights and other protected rights

  • Copyright in and also any other rights relating to any of the information published on the internet portal and its format are protected by law and are fully reserved. Copying, publishing, broadcasting, reproducing or any other use of the internet portal or its content is prohibited, except where this relates to appropriate, personal use of the internet portal in line with the contract; in addition, completed forms used to register as a user or to place orders may be used as part of business processes relating to these.
  • Labelling rights and trademarks entered or used on the internet portal are subject to legal protection. They may not be modified or applied or used in any other way without the relevant consent; this also applies to notices about such rights.

6. Links and other third-party content

If reference to other websites is made on this internet portal or there are links to other websites operated by third parties, dentaltrade Depot does not accept any liability for their content, unless dentaltrade Depot is aware of the content and it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent the use of the links in the event of illegal content. Reference is made to the fact that the content of pages operated by third parties is external content, which dentaltrade Depot explicitly does not take ownership of and over which dentaltrade Depot has no control. In general, no liability for this content is accepted.

7. Liability

  • dentaltrade Depot is only liable for wilful intent and gross negligence as well as for breach of a contractual obligation. dentaltrade Depot’s liability is limited within the scope of the law to damages foreseeable at the time the contract was agreed upon and typical for the contract.
  • With the exception of claims in tort, the user’s claims for damages, for which liability is limited under this clause, shall become statute barred after one year calculated from the start of the statutory limitation period.

8. Miscellaneous

  • Should one or more of the above provisions of this contract be or become invalid in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining provisions remains unaffected by this. The ineffective provision is to be replaced by a legally valid one which comes as close as possible to the apparent commercial objective of the ineffective provision. The same applies in the event of an omission from these provisions.

Planning and implementation:

dentaltrade GmbH (dentaltrade Depot), Grazer Straße 8, 28359 Bremen / Germany